What’s included in a bellydance show? 
The basic bellydance show consist of an entre with a props like Wings, fan-veils, candle crown, sword, drum solo, dance with the guests of honor and the audience. Suggestions of any kind (like your favorite song that you would like to incorporate or a costume color to match with the theme) are welcomed!

What types of events hire bellydancers?
Many, many different types of events: From night clubs and sophisticated restaurants to home parties:

  • Birthday parties
  • Weddings
  • Anniversaries
  • Grand openings
  • Corporate events
  • Children’s parties
  • Cultural events
  • Holiday parties
  • Bachelorette parties
    Almost all events can have a belly dancer, a festive celebration is perfect for experiencing an eastern fairy-tale.

    What is the price for a performance?
    The price can be determined by following factors:
    Occasion – Small private parties start from $250, events such as Weddings that require more time and attention to details usually cost a little more.
    Location – Traveling to remote location will require additional transportation fee.
    Timing – The longer you want the dancer to remain at your event – the higher is the price. It is necessary to compensate the dancer for the time that she is not able to book another event whether she is performing or not. Please be ready to start the show at agreed time.
    Remember, you are paying for years of training and experience, professional attitude, costumes, choreography, music, make up and hair preparation, driving time, gas, and basic operating expenses. One thing that is priceless is excitement of your guests, joy, fun and great memories!

    Does Anastasia perform at bachelor parties?
    Absolutely not. However, she does Baccalaureate parties. Anastasia performs for the bride and her bridesmaids and then (if desired) teaches a little class. It is a lot of fun and girls love it!

    How far in advance should I book a show?
    The sooner the better! At least 2-4 weeks in advance to ensure availability. Last minute bookings are worth a try, sometimes we can accommodate last minute requests. Please try to plan ahead.

    What if I need more then one dancer?
    The DUO performances are easy accommodated, Anastasia has a partner and a set of choreography to entertain at your party. DUET show is twice more exciting than one dancer, and not as expensive as a group. You can also hire a drummer and include more dancers to customize the show according to your desires.

    Can I dance with the dancer during the show?
    In the beginning of the show, please allow the dancer to perform choreography without interruptions. Towards the end she will invite people up to dance. Feel free to dance with her, but please be respectful, do not grab her or touch her. You can offer her a stable chair to dance on top of, but do not invite her to dance on the the table. Video recording and photography are always permitted, it’s your precious memory!

    What is the proper way to tip?
    Tipping is not required but it is very appreciated. It is a way of expressing appreciation for the dancer. We strongly discourage you to put the money into the belt or bra, it is not appropriate way to tip. In Eastern culture, to tip the dancer you hold the money in your hand over dancers head and let it go to “shower” over her. Also the client may include the tips in the total payment.

     What is required from the client?
    Things that the dancer usually expects from you at the day of performance are: changing room, sound system playing IPod, or flashdrive and a dancing space with hard floors. To accommodate you on the best level, please notify the dancer in advance if you don’t have a sound system, if your venue is held outdoors and dance floor is grass, concrete, etc.

    How do I book a dancer?
    You can call or text directly (646) 402-1692
    or fill out the form on the Contact Page to discuss the details.